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Air Purifier for Pet Dander, do they work?

If you are a pet parent, you might be searching for pet air purifiers. It is quite obvious that your home is surrounded by pet hair, dander, and allergies. There is a possibility that your friends recommend you buy a good air purifier and you are looking for the best air purifier for pet allergies. Well, some may ask, is there a better choice of air purifiers for pet owners? It is a well-trusted fact that a good air purifier with the right technology can have a significant impact in removing pet hair, allergens, and dander from your indoor surroundings. We cannot deny the fact that pet allergies are affecting many pet owners and their families. People allergic to pets often complain of sneezing, rashes, or watery eyes. Furry friends, like a cat, dog, rabbit, guinea pig, or other feathered pet, shed pet dander(shredded skin). Let us imagine that you are a cat parent. No matter if they have long or short hair, they might shed their hair and the result is allergies. There is a serious need for you to get the best air purifiers for cat hair. It is time to think about controlling this problem by choosing the best air purifier for pets.

Is there an air purifier that works well for pet dander?

Pet sweat and pet dander can also harm your breathing patterns. It is quite common that pet hair and allergens can trigger asthma attacks. It is not good for someone facing this health issue. Have you ever realized what happens when your furry ball scratches, shakes or moves its body while roaming around your home? Without its fault, tiny pet dander gets released into the air. If you are thinking that pet dander is visible to the eyes and can be cleaned easily, the case is different. The pet’s dander is minuscule and lightweight. Their skin flecks get easily suspended in the air and stay longer than other allergens from insects or dust mites. Some medium or large-sized particles tend to settle on your furniture and upholstery. It is a chaotic situation if your sofa, curtain, carpet, bed, and pillow are messed up with your furry friend’s dander. There is also a possibility that your pets might get more allergens entangled in their fur or paws from outdoor spaces. Their morning and evening walks can invite asthma-triggering pollen and dust into the indoor space.

Do you know that pet saliva can spread pet allergens? Pet parents are often seen caring for, loving, and pampering their pets. Pets show affection and love by salivating or by licking. Apart from saliva, there are some other reasons for causing pet allergies. Well, pet causing allergies does not mean parting ways with your pets or abandoning them for your comfort. It just means showing love and care with a fresh breathing environment by buying a good air purifier for pets that can actually work for you.

Is the AtmoPure air purifier good for pets and the allergies they cause?

AtmoPure is the best air purifier for pets crafted by RisamPure for best air purification in your indoor spaces. It is available in two variants: the Medical Grade HEPA 14 filter range and the Advanced-Grade HEPA 13 filter range. These HEPA filter air purifiers can remove 99.99 percent of microscopic particles from the air (as small as 0.3 microns). It can also capture airborne threats such as dust, dust mites, and strands of pet hair. AtmoPure, the best room air purifier, keeps tirelessly working to maintain your home’s safety from pet hair, dander and allergies with its advanced technology. It is not only an air purifier for pet hair trapping but also the best plug in air purifier for pets and their safety. Ensure that your pet is also inhaling pure air with you with the best AtmoPure air purifiers has Medical Grade HEPA 14 filter range and the Advanced-Grade HEPA 13 filter range.

In terms of pet allergies, what makes AtmoPure air Purifiers different?

AtmoPure air purifiers are designed with best and HEPA 13 and 14 filters and the last stage of air purification comes with Ionizer effect.The role of an Ionizer is to neutralize positively charged dust and allergens. There is always a possibility that these allergens can get stuck on your wall, furniture, surfaces or even floor due to the Ionizer effect. The mess needs to be cleaned up and it is much easier with the particles getting more visible to the eyes. If you are finding it difficult to look for an effective air purifier to reduce pet allergies, the AtmoPure range of air purifiers could be an ideal choice. These air cleaning machines with ‘3D Attack’ Technology ensure that the air in every corner of your home is free from pet hair, dander and pet allergies for pure breathing.

How does the AtmoPure product range work?

AtmoPure air purifiers by RisamPure have a high Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR) of 200 m3/hr. to 850 m3/hr. One can think of buying AtmoPure air purifiers online on Amazon or Flipkart by choosing the requirements from the available product basket. Air purifiers with HEPA 14 filters are KJ350F, KJ90B, KJ55A and KJ255F. The Advance HEPA 13 filter air purifier range has two products KJ300F, and KJ500. What makes the AtmoPure air purifier a much-trusted HEPA 14 filter air purifier brand for pet allergies is its coverage area capacity, ranging from 250 sq ft to 1100 sq ft.

Final thoughts

AtmoPure air purifiers for pets and pet spaces can improve the living environment of your home. This technologically advanced HEPA filter air purifier can clean the air with its 5-stage air purification. The wow-factor is that it can remove minute and large particles from the air for healthy breathing. It is the right time to invest in the AtmoPure HEPA filter range of air purifiers. Inhale allergen-free, pure, safe, and clean air. Stay healthy with your family and pets around.