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Are air purifiers effective in Delhi air pollution?

Delhi air pollution: do air purifiers work? Delhi often makes headlines in leading newspapers, magazines, and media channels about toxic air quality. Many residents of this state doubt the effectiveness of an air purifier in this place. Are air purifiers effective and how can a good purifier help a Delhiite? A lot of questions clutter our minds when we think about air pollution in major states of India. A few questions are answered before driving to a conclusion, so let us get started.

What do studies say about Delhi Air Pollution?

Some research highlights that the situation of air pollution in India is serious. The major reasons for air pollution in the capital of India is due to industrial smoke, vehicular emissions, dust from construction sites, burning garbage, fires on agricultural land, biogas combustion and illegal industrial activities. According to a BBC report released in December 2021, indoor air pollution in India’s capital is alarmingly high. The levels of particulate matter (PM) range from 2.5 are lung-damaging. Dr. Kenneth Lee, the lead author of this study remarks, “The bottom line is that, whether someone is rich or poor, no one gets to breathe clean air… It’s a complex, vicious cycle.
Another recent report by India Today in March 2022 reveals that air pollution is the second biggest health risk in India and its economic cost is estimated to exceed USD 150 billion annually. There is some solace coming from the ruling government that Delhi will have real-time air pollution source data from August 2022. This will assist in reducing pollution by implementing control measures, reports India Today.

How is air pollution affecting Delhi people?

Air pollution causes respiratory illnesses in people, and it is especially affecting children and senior citizens seriously. It is also affecting IQ levels of children and also known for causing cancer in the younger generation. The other hazard is pneumonia, which affects the blood vessels, and it is not uncommon to see teenagers with black deposits in their lungs these days. They do not smoke cigarettes yet these black spots are due to air pollution.

The impact of air pollution poses a threat when you are outdoors, but studies reveal that indoor air pollution is impacting every age group at a higher risk. Air pollution is a curse for both adults and children. It hampers the growth of lungs among children and reduces their lifespan. Observation is often made that schools or educational institutes are closed with worsening pollution levels in Delhi, considering the safety of students’ lives.

Delhi air pollution needs air purifiers for indoor spaces

It is not about the outdoors; even indoor spaces need a serious concern for air pollution. If you have someone addicted to smoking cigars at home, the smoke from their cigarettes can suffocate your environment. The smell of cooking, fragrances, candles, detergents, and perfumes deteriorates the air quality. It is not just about Delhi air pollution, but most of the air polluted states in India share the same story, no matter urban or rural.

Air purifiers like AtmoPure can prove extremely effective for not just homes but any indoor space, with its 5-stage air purification system ensuring that no airborne threats enter your respiratory system. A good air purifier is a health-oriented solution to keep your breathing safe. Simply breathe deeply, fresh with every breath you take.

Atmopure 3D Attack Air Purifier technological revolution

Is it safe for Delhi’s air pollution? The answer is yes. AtmoPure air purifiers have a unique combination of built-in Pre-Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, and revolutionary ‘3D Attack’ technology. The HEPA and activated carbon filters in AtmoPure air purifiers are extremely effective in removing pollutants. It would be imperative to buy an air purifier in places affected by air pollution.
AtmoPure air purifiers are available in two variants—Medical Grade HEPA 14 range and Advanced Grade HEPA 13 range. The HEPA 13 & 14 Filters air purifiers from AtmoPure are affordable and cleanse the indoor air to proactively protect your health. They also remove dust, odors, VOCs, hair, and dander apart from pollen, mildew, mold spores, allergens, bacteria, and viruses.

When it comes to the budget for purchasing an air purifier suitable for Delhi air pollution, AtmoPure air purifiers are easy to maintain with filter replacement, power consumption, and a one-year warranty. Always remember, “Purity is not by chance, but by choice.” AtmoPure air purifiers are an excellent companion for breathing safely in any polluted indoor environment.

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