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Why buy a good air purifier for work from home?

Buying a good air purifier for your work from home is a very vital need. Inhaling pure air with HEPA air purifiers is beneficial for a better work environment and it is observed that it increases productivity. Working from home is no longer a new trend. The pandemic and the lockdown eventually transformed many homes into offices globally. Working from a bedroom or a living space became a matter of comfort, and increased work productivity became a necessity with deadlines to follow. What if your work is suffering due to poor air in your home- office space? Know why an air purifier is a must for the best working environment?

Why should I buy a good air purifier for my home cum office?

Watery eyes, sneezing, eye irritation, rashes, runny nose, whooping cough, or scratchy throat can be quite distracting for your productive mind. Inhaling pure and clean air in your indoor home cum office spaces is a beautiful feeling. Improving indoor air quality using the best HEPA filter air purifier would be a true boon for the home cum office. A good air purifier is beneficial to protect our work from home set up from poor indoor air quality. A HEPA filter air purifier like AtmoPure, a product by RisamPure can ensure the best air purification with its distinctive features. Medical Grade HEPA 14 filter and Advanced Grade HEPA 13 filter are two types of filter ranges available in AtmoPure range of air purifiers for pure and healthy breathing. The unique selling proposition of these Air purifiers lie in its ultra-modern 5-stage purification system with built-in Pre-Filter, Activated Carbon Filter, and ‘3D Attack’ Technology.

The revolutionary ‘3D Attack’ technology in the AtmoPure air purifier designed by RisamPure ensures that the air in every corner of your home cum office space is free from allergens, bacteria, and viruses. The built-in Pre-Filter traps large-sized particulate matter up to 10 microns, and the activated carbon filters actively absorb gases, VOCs, and unpleasant odors. An activated carbon filter air purifier is also best for removing smoke, and AtmoPure is the best air purifier for smoke control and dust removal.

AtmoPure Air Purifier for a functional home cum office

The AtmoPure range is the best room air purifier available in six product alternatives under the two variants Medical Grade HEPA 14 filter and Advanced Grade HEPA 13 filter ranges. These air purifiers are made for both small and big spaces covering an area of 250 sq ft to 1100 sq ft.The ‘3D Attack’ Technology is the revolutionary innovation that makes AtmoPure air purifier range, the best air purifier for any room.

The Medical HEPA 14 filter range features a 360-degree air suction and an LED display to indicate current air quality. The air purifier products under this category are KJ350F, KJ90B, KJ55A and KJ255F. The Advanced-Grade HEPA 13 filter range air purifiers include KJ300F and KJ500, which provide uniform air suction.

The powerful Medical Grade HEPA 14 filter or Advanced Grade HEPA 13 filter with UV-C and an Ionizer are a unique combination to get shielded from the hazards of air pollution. This best UV-C air purifier disables pathogens and microorganisms like mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, and viruses from entering your respiratory organs. According to a research paper presented in the National Library of Medicine, HEPA filters are used traditionally in hospitals for its minimum efficiency rating of removing 99.97 percent of particles greater or equal to 0.3 microns. AtmoPure air purifiers with HEPA filters trap 99.99 percent microscopic particles as small as 0.3 microns to enhance healthy breathing. AtmoPure as an ion air purifier neutralizes positively charged allergens like pollen, mold, bacteria, and viruses, making your home cum office space more productive. Disinfecting allergens that make you feel ill or low makes AtmoPure air purifier a true breathing buddy while you work relaxed on your homely office desk.

Working from home can be quite distracting if your air purifier makes a lot of noise. AtmoPure air purifier, one of the good air purifiers in India is quiet and comes with attractive features like an easy time setting. Set your hours according to your work schedule and breathe with ease.

Final thoughts

The role of any air purifier is to capture impurities from the air and release pure air. Buy AtmoPure air purifiers for better productivity and a happier work environment at your home desk. Ensure that your work-from-home environment is safe, clean, and allergen-free with the best HEPA filter air purifier for allergies. You can also keep your home cum office dust free with AtmoPure, the best air purifier for dust removal. Avoid smoking for your good health. If you get a cooking smell from your kitchen or suffocating smoke from your window due to outdoor pollution, worry not. AtmoPure is the best air purifier for smoke control and good for people indulging in household chores while managing working from home. Work hard with productivity while you inhale fresh, clean, and pure air with AtmoPure.