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Home Air Purifier

Home Air Purifier

Today, home air purifiers are a necessity, let’s find out. It is time to contemplate the harsh reality, is your home really making you sick. Outdoor air pollution is often blamed for breathing issues, heart diseases, strokes, and even lung cancer. Do you know that we are prone to all these health hazards even by staying at home? Our indoor spaces are hardly safe and we keep inhaling invisible air contaminants without our knowledge. AtmoPure air purifier is one of the best air purifiers with HEPA filters in India, can protect you by removing hair, dust, smoke, gasses, odors, and VOCs. If one is looking for a HEPA air purifier for allergies then the AtmoPure air purifier HEPA filter range is innovative and revolutionary. Its ‘3D Attack’ Technology ensures that every corner of your home is free from allergens, harmful bacteria, and dangerous viruses.

Home Air Purifier for Smoke and Dust Allergies

What is Household Air Pollution(HAP) and what are its consequences? Have you ever thought that home air quality can be worse than outdoor pollution? One of the reports released by Business Standard in 2020, during nationwide lockdown days, projected a piece of shocking news. It was about pollution-free skies yet threatening silent killer Household Air pollution (HAP). The report explores that half a million Indians die prematurely every year due to diseases caused by HAP exposure. Young children, women, and the elderly are the worst affected due to indoor air pollution. It was not just during the lockdown. This scenario is prevalent every day with our homes polluted with unsafe air for breathing.

If you are wondering what causes bad indoor air quality, the common reasons are open doors and windows, high temperatures, and humidity levels. If you are wondering how to solve this problem, the solution is simple. Buy home air purifier online and trap the dangerous levels of contaminated air and free your home from dust, allergens, toxins, bacteria, virus and smoke.

Why are Home Air purifiers important for every home?

The air we breathe inside our home contains several invisible particles. AtmoPure home air purifiers, a unique product range from RisamPure™, is designed with Medical Grade High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) 14 filters and Advanced Grade HEPA 13 filters to remove airborne threats, smaller than 0.3 microns. This purification and cleaning of air can prevent dust allergies, asthma, and other respiratory illnesses. If someone has just renovated their home and has done fresh painting, there is a severe chance of VOC emission. AtmoPure air purifier is an ideal activated carbon filter home air purifier to absorb gasses, odors, and VOCs.

According to a Times of India (TOI) report in February 2022, The PM 2.5 concentration in India is currently 10 times above according to World Health Organization guidelines. AtmoPure home air purifiers has Medical Grade HEPA 14 filter range and Advanced Grade HEPA 13 filter range. The home air purifiers are best to control indoor air pollution. It’s technological advancement 5 stage air purification system ensures that no airborne threats escape into the air one breathes. The pandemic is still lingering worldwide apart from the various trapped air streams at our homes like pollen, pet dander, mold, mildew, and fungi. AtmoPure home air purifier is the best UV-C air purifier for deactivating these microorganisms and pathogens.

Final thoughts

The air quality that we breathe daily is deteriorating. We are inhaling toxic air inside our homes without realizing it. AtmoPure air purifiers with their five-stage air purification and ‘3D Attack’ Technology is the best healthcare and wellbeing product in India, designed to build a healthy nation.

Indoor air pollution is a grave issue that needs to be addressed with precedence. It is time to create awareness for nurturing a happy and healthy home for ourselves and our families. Using highly advanced technology can improve the quality of human life. AtmoPure is the best home air purifier for every room and corner. Protect your family with AtmoPure, a good air purifier and live in a safe and clean breathing home.

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